Medi XXI– GSA, defines a quality and environmental policy as per the technical requirements of every Project and sustainable environmental management, always following essential criteria of preservation. In this manner, our quality and environmental policy is the following:
• Directing all efforts to improve customer’s satisfaction by attending their needs with personalized care, in order to increase awareness of the quality of our services, and implementing custom-tailored solutions to understand client’s current and future needs.
• Guarantee quality of service provided, as well as fulfil client’s requirements and do our best to exceed his needs, wherever possible, with the implementation of best practices and technologies.
• Work to reduce the environmental impactsby the operation of the various activities taking place in our fields of work, minimizing waste, saving in any case the energy, making efforts to optimize resources and achieve compatibility of uses.
• Guarantee fulfilment of acquired commitments with our clients and with our environment.Apply with consideration the environmental protection by enforcing the laws and regulations referring to our areas of work and referring to our clients as a result of service provided, going beyond mere compliance wherepossible.
Medi XXI– GSA identifies all resources, both human and technological, to ensure better efficiency of the service offering, with continual incorporation of new technologies existing our field of work (digital cartography, remote sensing, new technologies for land management, digital land models, Multifunctional analysis of the conflict arrangement, statistical processing, Geography Information Systems...)
Besides that, Medi XXI– GSA, in all its projects tries to:
• Involve and encourage in continued form the participation of all persons who form our company, so that their skills are used to improve provided services and achieve quality and environmental commitments.
• Periodicallyreview and update the objectives of quality and environment.
• Communicate to all levelsof our organization, both internally and externally, the importance of the fulfilment of all commitments concerning quality and environment.
• Make available to the public the objectives of our policy
All this allows us to guarantee the future of our company, based on the principles of quality, reliability, commitment to the environment and esteem towards our work. Principles for developing an efficient land and natural resources management for our clients.
• Increase the perception of quality of service: This will be assessed from the customer satisfaction survey; the customer is requested for the approval at the end of the work in order to improve the potential mistakes.
• Increase permanent staff and collaborators satisfaction: This is being found out by the satisfaction survey among people who form Medi XXI – GSA, and is carried out with the implementation of stable workplace policies, compatible with worker’s personal life having decent jobs of high quality.
• Modernization of Information System: our company continuously implements new technologies applied to our work.
• Management of waste in a different way and obtaining of the principle of reduction, reuse, recycle. Implementation of the basic principle of pollution prevention in rendering services and maximum respect to the environment.
In Medi XXI– GSA quality management is a priority objective. The professionalism, the involvement and seriousness are working tools that we apply to our work.
Medi XXI– GSA considers the environmental management and prevention of occupational risks as inseparable aspects of quality management.
This conviction is converting into an integrated system for quality management, environment and safety.
All of us working at Medi XXI – GSA share this commitment to quality, seeking permanently our customer satisfaction, and accompanied by the continuous and determined effort to improve the security of persons and the environment.
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