Land management and planning.

  • Acoustic studies
  • Studies of landscape integration
  • Studies of environmental impact
  • Heritage studies
  • Studies of sustainable urban mobility
  • Hydrology studies
  • Floods studies
  • Reports of water resources
  • Property value management and territorial affect assessment
  • Topographical uplifting and GPS. Property security
  • General plans of urban arrangement (PGOU – as per the Spanish normative).
  • Plans of Public Participation (PPP)
  • Plans of environmental security
  • Public property defence
  • Territorial inventory

Forestry management and planning

  • Forest works of clearing and maintenance
  • Emergency protection – Civil Protection
  • Self-defence planning for populated areas
  • Municipal planning for forest fire prevention
  • Municipal planning for forest fire fighting
  • Works of forestation and reafforestation
  • Design and carrying out of preventive silviculture works
  • SIDEINFO: System of forest fire fighting

Signposting of natural spaces, urban and rural

  • Design, signposting and authorization as per the normative (FEMECV)
  • Design and signposting of the routes not approved by the normative FEMECV
  • Design and training – Classroom nature projects
  • Eco-healthy routes, urban and rural
  • Cycling tourist routes
  • Heritage and cilture itineraries

Implementation of geographical information systems (digital)

  • Design and implantation of municipal models of digital management
  • Territorial databases and thematic cartography
  • Implementation of Geographical Information Systems
  • Training courses adapted to concrete manufacutring sectors

Technical and legal advice on environmental matters

  • Technical and legal reports as per territorial affects
  • Legal and administrative databases specific for every sector
  • Expert’s reports and conflict resolution


  • Design and execution of public and private gardening
  • Optimization of public resources applied to maintenance
  • Mediterranean gardening

Waste materials

  • Environmental integrated authorization
  • Advice in management of residues

Environmental management

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