Medi XXI – GSA is a consulting company formed by professionals of various fields, its activity is directed primarily at environmental and territorial management from the complete and integral point of view of sustainable development. This commitment to providing comprehensive and sustainable management is reached by finding various solutions for different issues required by today`s society from the consulting companies. Technical solutions designed to provide answers for quality, durability and sustainability to the projects it develops.

Medi XXI – GSA offers all its experience and technical reliability to take on successfully right solution for each project in particular, with due consideration of the requirements of actual society as per the sustainability.
The growing awareness towards environmental matters and sustainable development in all fields is reflected in a wide environmental regulation, as well as in work and consumption habits, increasingly aimed at respecting the environment. In this sense, Medi XXI – GSA brings specific solutions adapted to the needs of each project.
People who make up the team are trained in different disciplines such as biology, agronomy, nutritional technology, environmental sciences, forest engineering, emergency and territorial management, landscape analysis and intervention, workplace risks prevention or audiovisual media communication, to ensure a better carrying out of a comprehensive management of works.
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